My name is Jordan Rothstein. I was born in 1994, making me 23 years of age. I am the creator of Solitary Mind Space. Welcome to my corner of the internet, you’ll find that all are welcome here =).

This is a kind of experiment with human consciousness.  A gathering of minds on the path to success and the struggles and resulting tactics they use to combat them.  A “what works and what does not” in overcoming the variety of issues found on the road to personal growth.

With a focus on motivation and productivity, I invite you to join me on this journey into discovering our existence in this plane, and share any relevant experiences you may have overcome or are currently dealing with. Together we can streamline our trajectory and accomplish our dreams, all while hopefully making the world a better place.

The Long and Winding Path

I have spent about the last three years depressed and achieving literally nothing.

But let’s backtrack a bit.

About Solitary Mind Space Path

My childhood was very easy.  Other than my parents constantly arguing I got everything I needed and more, never having much of a want for anything before acquiring it. This I have now learned was a serious setback.

I’ll admit it, I was spoiled growing up. I am the eldest of three children and my mother wanted to shower me with love which I cannot really fault her for. However, this taught young Jordan that he could get nearly anything he wanted, when he wanted it, if he fussed over it enough.

Obviously not a good mindset for personal growth.

The Lowest Point

Fast forward through the end of high school. I was extremely lazy in the college application process, with my mother essentially choosing a college and forcing me to do the required legwork.

This is when the laziness and spoiled nature of my being started to become my downfall.

I made it almost through three semesters of college, before I began really slacking off and falling behind on my classes. This, combined with a handful of other elements (the main one being an untimely breakup with my only serious girlfriend to date) pushed me over the edge. I dropped out of school and moved back home to NJ from WV where I had been enrolled.

At home, I fell into a deep depression as the condition of my parents’ relationship hit an all time low. The business they started together was failing, and they honestly hated each other. It all finally came to a head when my mom just up and left one day.  About a year later they finally got officially divorced.

During that year, and the following few, our family struggled heavily with financial burden, and for the first time in my life I realized that everything wouldn’t always be laid out on a silver platter.

About Solitary Mindspace Strife

The Wake up Call

During those long years of depression, I went from dead end job to dead end job, delivering party rental supplies and pizzas, and falling further and further into the dark abyss of my mind.

Suddenly a ray of hope appeared when one of my best friends brought to my attention an opening for a job as an entry level tech-support at a local elementary school.

Long story short, I got the job and it was the first time in my life in three years that I felt some purpose to the grind. A few months into that job (right around January 2017) this feeling of purpose, along with the realization that I had to work to earn the things I want (due to the financial situation) sent me into an unbreakable phase of motivation to improve my life by taking matters into my own hands.

The Climb

This lasted for about six months, and in that time I completely changed my way of life.

About Solitary Mindspace The Climb

I began exercising, eating much healthier foods and lost a large amount of weight. I also discovered the path I wanted to pursue in life (becoming an entrepreneur) that I believed would help me to accomplish all my dreams and ambitions.

I was on the top of the world. I had a purpose. A path to follow and work towards one step at a time. I started reading for the first time since I was forced to in high school, learning and progressing. For the first time in THREE YEARS i was progressing.

Then something happened.

The Misstep

I experienced a gradual mental shift that began around June-July of 2017. I hit a plateau with my fitness goals and started seeing little to no improvement based on my efforts. I got bored with my technology position at the school and quickly fell into the standard misery of working somewhere and doing the same thing every day. The weeks went by and I lost more and more of that motivation I had felt so strongly for the first half of that year. Doing my daily tasks suddenly took more energy, and I found myself able to complete less in a day than I was before, completely lacking willpower. I began to focus more and more on the negative, bad habits I was failing to correct rather than all the ones I had already overcome. I was quickly slipping back into that negative mind space I was so used to in the past.

I had stumbled, but still remembered all the progress I had made and used that as motivation to fight the melancholy mindset I was more regularly finding myself in. This pretty much brings us to the present where I feel I am in a constant up and down equilibrium of motivation and mood. Where each day brings a new unexpected mental challenge to face, some being much more difficult to overcome or even realize, than others. This is where Solitary Mind Space enters the picture.

The Purpose

I want to crack the mental code to be able to achieve that motivated, almost manic state of positivity all the time.

I realize that this “code” is different for every individual and is a mystery that many times we must solve on our own. However, I ALSO realize that gaining insight from others can drastically speed up this process.

As someone that almost never reaches for outside help, consider this an attempt to change that.

About Solitary Mindspace Brain

Depression is at an all time high for our current way of life and having experienced it to some degree myself, I know firsthand that it sucks. Now, having experienced the opposite end of the spectrum, I want to try to help everyone achieve that state.

While in that positive “I can do anything I set my mind to!” attitude we are much more likely to achieve our goals and thus, our permanent happiness. It is my mission with Solitary Mind Space to help people along this path to personal growth and to be able to accept outside help myself in the same endeavor.

As my backstory clearly shows, I am no expert in this field. Far from it in fact, and it is my hope that through this platform I can develop a supportive community eager to help each other achieve more every day and keep moving toward their goals.

I will do this by sharing my experiences with you day to day, potentially even hour to hour, on what works for me and what doesn’t. In doing this I hope to stimulate responses from other like-minded progressive individuals to create a cohesive safety net to turn to when in times of doubt.

Together we can accomplish what we desire most, and help each other do the same, eventually spreading that influence as far as it can reach and touching as many minds as possible.

Remain positive, just being here shows that you are on the right path.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or send them to and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jordan Rothstein

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Kyle Post · February 13, 2018 at 9:00 PM

I hope this platform blossoms into a network of positive minded people. I like the direction and look forward to more content!

    Jordan · March 27, 2018 at 12:09 PM

    Our hopes are aligned! Definitely plenty of content coming, stay tuned!

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